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E-cigarettes have increased their popularity in the recent years. It is estimated that around 650,000 users in the UK alone use e-cigs, according to the 2012 statistics. E-cigarettes allow smokers to enjoy an experience similar to as using tobacco product. However, they offer more benefits compared to traditional cigarettes. This has fuelled their increase in usage.

E-cigs do not have tobacco, thus they don’t generate any of the 4000 chemicals. Among these, over 40 of them are known to be causative agents causing heart disease and cancer. This is associated with traditional cigarette smoking. In addition, the vapour from e-cig is safer and cleaner.  An advice by the American Association of Public Health Physicians has been given to smokers that they should switch to a tobacco free product such as e-cigarettes in order to reduce their risk of tobacco-associated deaths.

It is of no doubt that most people find hard to quit smoking.  The good thing about using e-cigs is that they can assist smokers who don’t want to ditch their habit not to suffer from various diseases caused by tobacco smoking.

According to an Italian study, which was published in 2011, from an average of 30 cigarettes to 3 daily over a six month period, smokers using e-cigarettes were seen to have decreased their intake of traditional cigarettes.

To ease the e-cigs intake one can buy one of the available starter kits such as Premium BlackPearl Starter Kit.  This is full kit without LCD screen. It has been packed with al accessories that one need for this great experience. It provides you with a healthier smoking alternative. At the same time it does not bring any harm to yourself or even those people that surround you. It does not end there; using this product offers one a great feeling with no production of carbon monoxide.