To understand the difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, it is necessary to understand the individual components and parts that make up an electronic cigarette. It is also important to review the raw materials that are used within the cigarette itself.

Manufacturing of electronic cigarettes is a simple process where different components are brought from third party suppliers, then assembled either manually or by automatic tools.

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The liquid nicotine helps in delivering a smoking experience that is similar to that of traditional cigarettes. It does this by insulating the nicotine in the form of water vapour. The liquid nicotine usually contains nicotine suspended in propylene glycol and glycerine. The level of nicotine in the cartridges may vary and most also contain flavourings.

Another component is the battery. The electronic cigarette battery produces heat in the nicotine chamber, and is responsible for producing the vapour that smokers inhale. A good example is the 650mAh battery for CE4 electronic cigarette starter kit.

A key component of any electronic cigarette is the atomiser.  The atomiser, together with the help of air sensors, is responsible for turning the battery on and off. It also powers up the LED found at the tip of the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette also contains a cartridge, which is the cylinder that contains the nicotine. This component is replaceable and the smoker needs to replace it after the nicotine inside is used up.

The process by which the electronic cigarette works is simple. When a smoker takes a puff of the cigarette, the atomiser turns the battery on; this in turn heats the liquid and causes vapour to be produced from the liquid nicotine. The vapour delivers the nicotine to the user. There is no side-stream smoke but some nicotine vapour is released into the air as the smoker exhales. The atomiser also turns on the LED light at the tip, indicating that the cigarette is working properly.

The electronic cigarette produces very little waste, as it can be recycled. The cartridge can be either replaced or refilled with liquid nicotine, providing another benefit of electronic cigarettes. 

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