Now that you have made the switch from analogue (traditional cigarettes) and entered into the digital world of electronic cigarettes, there are some simple dos and don’ts.

You no longer have to roll down the window on a cold day to let that smoke out, or step outside after a meal so as not to offend the non-smokers. You’re no longer out of breath after extraneous activity and don’t reek of stink after a few drags during your lunch break. The experience of using an electronic cigarette may feel great, but not everyone feels the same way as you do. As smokers, we must follow the basic rule: Don’t use electronic cigarettes where you aren’t allowed to smoke!

Why not? It doesn’t smell. There’s no danger of second hand smoke. Vapour dissipates and doesn’t leave a lingering smell. So why can’t we take a few puffs wherever we want? The simple answer is we want to be courteous to others.

Not everyone is informed about what exactly an electronic cigarette is. Cigarettes have been demonized for decades; the very fact that it’s called an electronic cigarette and produces an opaque vapour when exhaled scares many misinformed people.

Now some establishments have weighed in and allowed vaping indoors. Always ask the bartender or the manager on duty whether it is okay or not to smoke electronic cigarettes. It is a privilege to be able to vape indoors and like most privileges it can be taken away if it is abused.

Nothing will get indoor-vaping banned faster than the smoke detector getting set off from the huge clouds of smoke coming from your electronic cigarette.

Be smart and be courteous when vaping in public and always remember; don’t vape where you can’t smoke! But other than that, enjoy your newly found smoke free lifestyle!

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