Users of electronic cigarettes (vapers!) have evolved their own vocabulary.

Atomiser / Clearomiser: The part which heats the e-liquid in an electronic cigarette.
E-juice (or e-liquid): A liquid which contains nicotine.
Vape: To use an electronic cigarette (equivalent of smoking a cigarette!)
Vaper: A person who uses an electronic cigarette.

The batteries in our electronic cigarette starter kits are made of Lithium-ion and provide the power that vapourizes the nicotine solution that we call ‘e-liquid’. The resulting vapour is then inhaled by the user to simulate the sensation of smoking.


The electronic cigarette heating element, also called an ‘atomizer’, ‘clearomizer’ or ‘cartomizer’, is what actually produces your vapour. The basic component of all e-cigarette heating elements is the heating coil which is what actually vapourizes the e-liquid.