Electronic Cigarette itself will not help you to quit smoking. You have to select right eliquid according to your nicotine intake. If you are heavy smoker then we recommend you our 24mg liquids which come in different flavours. If you are moderate smoker then you can use our 12mg flavour. If you are occasional smoker or you want to try e-cig then 0mg liquids are ideal for you.

To Quit smoking you need to start with your nicotine level equal to your current intake and then lower the nicotine strength until you control your craving and its just a habit.

  • Choose Your Electronic Cigarette

    Choose Your Electronic Cigarette. Electronic Cigarettes come in many different shapes and sizes. Look at things like battery life, flavors, and any accessories that you may want. We have starter kits, which are economical option for new starters of Electronic Cigarette.  We also have all in one kits which contain additional accessories.

  • Begin Smoking Your Electronic Cigarette

    Begin Smoking Your E-cig. After ordering your e-cig you can throw away your cigarettes and start living a healthier lifestyle. The key to quitting smoking with an e-cig is to gradually reduce your nicotine dependency. Start with a higher nicotine level, and move down to nicotine-free.

  • Further Reduce Nicotine.

    Further Reduce Nicotine. As you no longer have cravings you can lower the nicotine strength level. Continue with this process until you are smoking your e-cig with no nicotine.

  • Keep Smoking Your Electronic Cigarette.

    Keep Smoking Your E-cig. Even if you no longer have the feeling to smoke a cigarette, you can still use your e-cig with no nicotine. Many people continue smoking their e-cig long after they have been smoke free.