Automatic vs. Manual Batteries


The automatic batteries are the ones without a button on the side of  the electronic cigarette battery itselfThis means that when you put the cartridge/filter end of the cigarette to your mouth and inhale, it kicks into action and the vapor and liquid work to give you the much needed nicotine high.


A manual electronic cigarette battery will have a small button on the side. When you put the cigarette to your mouth and inhale, you must press the button at the same time otherwise you won’t get anything out of your electronic cigarette. It’s basically only activated when the button is pressed.

There is one thing that really stands out about manual batteries and that is the fact that they will generally last longer. There is no wastage with the the button-operated electronic cigarette because  the system itself won’t work unless the button is pressed down. This means that there will be less drainage on the battery and on the cartridges and generally, you will find that they both last a little bit longer.

The automatic batteries may be smoother to the fingers and minus the hassle but there can be a lot of battery wastage and you may need to replace components of your electronic cigarette on a more frequent basis.

As far as price is concerned, there is not normally a price difference between automatic and manual batteries. They are the same price and for the most part, you can get most colours and designs in both varieties. As we have seen, there are both advantages and disadvantages for manual and automatic electronic cigarette batteries and when it comes down to it, you’ll need to make your own mind up. As long as you find yourself a decent, reputable electronic cigarette company with good reviews, you’ll be more than happy with your decision to make the switch from real cigarettes to the electronic ones.



The following are the steps necessary to maintain your electronic cigarette so that you don’t end up with a device that breaks down prematurely. This way, you get the most out of your kit and making the most of the money that you have spent.

Step One
Unscrew the battery. This part cannot be submersed in water for obvious reasons. Use a dry cloth to wipe the connection and exterior of the battery, ensuring that the terminals are clean and free of oils and dirt. This prevents short-circuits and internal damage to the battery, prolonging its life.
Lithium batteries need care. Do not allow the battery to discharge completely as this will interfere with the power regulation of the battery. Ensuring that the battery is charged prolongs the life of your electronic cigarette.

Step Two.
Unscrew the black mouthpiece and pour any unused e-liquid into a safe container. Wash the mouthpiece in warm water, flushing out the internal parts. You can use a little cleaning alcohol to clean the tank, but ensure that this is all washed out before reassembling the device.

Step Three.
Allow the parts to dry out over-night in a warm and dry place. This will ensure that you can begin smoking straight away. Remember, trapped water may cause the electronic cigarette to malfunction.

Your electronic cigarette should now be working properly. Many problems, such as spluttering when you inhale, can be solved by fully cleaning your device. You must be aware that the e-liquid does need to be stored in a cool dry place when not in use for extended periods. Batteries can last anywhere between 2 months right up to a year, depending on how the battery is treated. Using the above maintenance guide will prolong the life of your batteries.



Though using an electronic cigarette is fairly simple, problems arise when new users aren’t shown how to use them properly. Electronic cigarettes are very delicate, so when using the device for the first time, ensure that you do not force any components. 95 percent of damages arise from over-tightened components, especially batteries being forced onto chargers.

The first step is to open your electronic cigarette kit and inspect the contents, as damages can occur during transit.  Make sure all the components are in the kit, including any extra things you may have ordered.

The second step is to unscrew the black mouthpiece, remove the child safety cap on your e-liquid and pour it at an angle into your glass tank. Pouring at an angle ensures the e-liquid flows around the outside of the glass tank and misses the top rubber section. There is a fill level marked on the side of the glass tank, so make sure you don’t overfill. Screw the black mouthpiece onto the tank to ensure the e-liquid is sealed; this is the only component that does need to be a little tight to seal in the liquid.

The third step is to charge your battery. Once this is done, and your tank is full of e-liquid, gently screw together your battery and tank. Always keep the two sections a little loose. DO NOT SCREW TIGHT, as this can cause extensive damage.

The next step is to unlock your device by rapidly pressing the button on your battery. The light will flash 3 times to indicate that it’s unlocked.

Finally, press the button while you inhale and depress when you have finished inhaling. The device will prevent you from overheating the electronic cigarette and will only stay on for 5 seconds when inhaling.

The battery will last around 3 days between charges. When ready to charge, gently screw onto your charger and either plug into the wall charger or into your USB socket on your PC. Do not over-screw the battery onto the charge. This will break the components. Just screw on until the battery flashes and glows. The charging process will take around 6-8 hours.