The Disposable Electronic Cigarette



Disposable electronic cigarettes are some of the most common devices  in the market. They are for first time, light, social smokers. Many of them are available at gas stations, bars, and almost anywhere cigarettes are sold. Many smokers start with this style and either love or hate them. It is beneficial to understand that disposables are just the tip of the iceberg. While some people find all the satisfaction they are looking for in a cheap electronic cigarette, heavier smokers may prefer something a bit more powerful. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, stop here first. It is the first step to becoming a successful vaper.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes (Starter Kits)



These electronic cigarettes are designed for light-medium smokers. Rechargeable electronic cigarettesare the fastest growing type of electronic cigarette, and they have the advantage of reusable batteries and replaceable liquid nicotine cartridges. They also offer the best cost savings over disposables in the long-run. It is suggested that you get a good quality starter kit you can buy if you are to enjoy the full benefits of vaping. With all different sizes, styles, and colours to choose from, buying a good electronic cigarette starter kit can be a daunting buying choice. A recommended choice is the ICIGATM Premium Black Pearl Starter Kit, or the ICIGATM Premium eVod starter kit.

The E-Go Electronic Cigarette



The e-GO electronic cigarette is designed for medium to heavy smokers. For the heavier smokers out there, the next option after rechargeable electronic cigarettes is the e-Go Double Kit Black. Bigger batteries and more options give these devices well earned respect and popularity. Some consider them to be the most popular electronic cigarette out there. Using a standardized 510 threading on their battery means any type of cartridge or tank with 510 threading will work. E-Go’s larger tanks can hold more nicotine liquid than a standard rechargeable electronic cigarette. That combined with a bigger battery, and they can satisfy virtually any smoker without refilling or recharging.



There are three main types of electronic cigarettes or vapourisers:

 Disposable Products (Non-Rechargeable). 

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These are the most common type. They look just like normal cigarettes with a glowing LED on the end. You usually find them in petrol stations and super markets. This type of device is not a bad starting point to get the feel of a cheap electronic cigarette. You just open them up and suck on them like a normally cigarette. Some can be recharged and when they run out you can replace the cartridge on the end.
The issue with these kind of devices is the battery life is very short and runs out quickly. The only advantage is their small size.

 The Variable Voltage – Advanced Electronic Cigarette

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These devices are advanced models aimed at current users looking to get maximum performance from their device. You can change the power of the electronic cigarette which creates vapour. They also have other features. You can measure the resistance of your device and use large batteries to support the increased power consumption.

These devices are generally not for a first time user as normally it is advised to start with a basic kit before making the investment to upgrade to a variable voltage device. When you do we recommend the premium black pearl starter kit, an amazing device that is stylish, packed full of features and very easy to use. It comes bundled with everything you need to get started and can be used alongside your regular electronic cigarette batteries.

The Refillable/Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette 

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The best electronic cigarette for an average user is a refillable electronic cigarette. These devices allow you to refill easily with inexpensive e-liquid. They provide long battery life and perform great. E-liquid can be bought much cheaper than disposable cartridges. There are thousands of different flavours you can try. A refillable starter kit will give you two electronic cigarettes instead of one. When one is charging you have another available. The batteries last longer between charging and the electronic cigarette works much better. It provides a lot more vapour, better flavour and needs replacement for less often. A good example to try out is all in one-Full Kit- ICIGA™ Premium eVod Starter Kit.



Understanding the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes


There is a great need for smokers to understand that there is another alternative besides the traditional smoking style.  Many have been in need of finding an alternative way of how they can do it in a different way but they lack solution. Therefore, many smokers are forced to continue   with traditional methods even if they know the kind of risk they expose themselves to and even more to those that are around them. Smokers can now smoke without interfering with those people around them and at the same time, living a healthier life. This has been made possible by introduction of electronic cigarette.

The addiction aspect of cigarette smoking has caused many their health and even their life. Fortunately, the introduction of cheap electronic cigarette has come with great relief to many of the smokers. It has been one of the best ways of smoking without experiencing lung or heart complications.

One thing that this has brought is that it has reduced the addiction to smoking among many smokers. This is because the nicotine content in the product has been reduced tremendously. Instead of the direct intake of nicotine in your body as you smoke, the electronic cigarettes have vaporised nicotine. It minimises the chemical intake that one experience while smoking the traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are available in a variety of types depending on consumer preference, from different appearance styles to assorted brands. Just like regular tobacco cigarettes, every person has the option to purchase a cartridge with full medium, ultra-light and light no nicotine strengths which can ultimately allow the smoker to gradually dose down the amount of nicotine. It makes electronic cigarettes better than the traditional ones, because smokers have the opportunity to progressively reduce their intake of nicotine, consequently staying healthy and keeping the surroundings safe at the same time.

Many may argue that similar nicotine delivery can be accomplished with gums or patches, but there is no other option that simulates the act of smoking like an electronic cigarette, and therefore preventing symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, making the transition and switching easier and smoother on the smoker.