Don’t Forget Your Electronic Cigarette!

If you’re the proud owner of an electronic cigarette, you should take your device on vacation with you. Some people assume it’s too difficult or too much of a hassle to transport their electronic cigarette, but in reality it’s quite easy. Bringing it along will allow you to enjoy flavoured (or non-flavoured) nicotine without exposing others to dangerous second-hand smoke.

How To Pack Your Electronic cigarette

Don’t just toss your electronic cigarette into a backpack or suitcase, but instead make sure it’s properly secure to reduce the risk of damage. They are generally produced with durable materials, but electronic cigarettes may still break when enough pressure and weight is pressed against them.

It is recommended to place your electronic cigarette and e-liquid in a hard-shell case and wrap it up in some laundry or clothes. Some electronic cigarette starter kits are sold with their own cases. Alternatively, you can use a basic sunglasses case.


Travelling By Commercial Airplane

Granted, electronic cigarettes aren’t technically considered tobacco cigarettes, you should still check with a flight attendant before using the device on a commercial airplane. The bottom line is that rules and regulations vary depending on the airline. When in doubt, ask for permission to use your electronic cigarette to ensure a safe and smooth travelling experience.


Brush-Up On Local Electronic Cigarette Laws

Another travel tip I recommend for electronic cigarette users is to brush up on local laws and regulations governing the use of these devices. If you’re travelling to a specific beach or city, hop online and do a little investigative research to determine whether or not your vacation destination has any specific electronic cigarette laws you need to be aware of. A quick Google search will often reveal city regulations.

After travelling with your electronic cigarette a couple of times, you’ll soon realize what’s allowed and what’s not. Most importantly, though, be courteous and respectful of those around you. While there’s no second-hand smoke associated with electronic cigarettes, it’s still a good idea to ask before using the device around other people.



  1. Fully Charge Your Battery


The amount of vapour you can get out of your battery depends on how much power is in it, so when you re-charge, make sure you do it all the way. Wait for the light to turn solid green, or if it keeps flickering leave the battery charging for the manufacturer’s recommended amount of time (around three hours).

  1. Prime the Atomizer

The atomizer is a small heating coil which turns the liquid solution into the vapor that you inhale. It needs to warm up a little before it works at peak efficiency, so one of the best electronic cigarette tips is to activate the battery prior to taking your main drag. On a manual battery, simply hold the button down for a couple of seconds before taking a puff. Take a couple of short, introductory puffs to prime the atomizer with an automatic battery.

  1. Don’t Store Your Electronic cigarette with other Metals

Storing your electronic cigarette in your pocket where it can come into contact with other metallic objects could potentially short out the battery and cause damage or cause the atomizer to be activated and potentially overheat in your pocket. The best tip for storing electronic cigarettes is to get a carry case.

  1. Take a Long, Slow Drag

One of the main differences between using an electronic cigarette and using a tobacco cigarette is that sharp, strong puffs aren’t ideal when you’re vaping. Instead, you should take a slow, gentle and long drag; this activates the battery without causing undue pressure and risking flooding the atomizer. This electronic cigarette tip is particularly useful for beginners, and you’ll get used to the new method pretty quickly.

  1. Don’t Use the Atomizer “Dry”

You’ll notice a burnt, unpleasant taste when the cartridge you’re using is running low on e-liquid, and you shouldn’t continue to push the atomizer in this state. If your cartridge runs out of liquid, activating the atomizer can cause it to overheat.



Advantages Of Refillable Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Right away, one notices that refillable electronic cigarettes are cheaper than the disposable cartomizers. You do not have to buy a new battery or atomizer when the liquid in the cigarette has been exhausted. You just refill the blank cartridges with e-liquid and keep reusing it as often as five times before replacing the blank cartridge.
  1. You can also play around with the flavours of the e-liquid being ‘smoked’ or even the strength of the nicotine in it. All you have to do is refill it with the nicotine solutions that suit your preference. Be sure to check with the manufacturer before combining your e-liquids.
  1. Many people have started creating their own e-liquids because they’re not entirely satisfied with the flavours available in the market. In this case, refillable cartridges can not only save you more money but also allow you to create the e-liquid that best suits your preference.


Disadvantages of Refillable Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

  1. Even though it takes only a minute to refill the nicotine solution in the blank cartridges, many people have become used to throwing away their disposable cartomizers after use. While this is certainly very wasteful, it is undeniably more convenient.
  2. Since not many local retail stores carry e-liquid, you’re forced to buy them online. There is nothing worse than running out of e-liquid and having to wait a week or more for your next order to arrive. So it’s important to make sure you’re never left without your e-liquid for too long.

As you can see, the advantages of using refillable electronic cigarettes outweigh the disadvantages. So it’s only a matter of personal preference. But if you’re just starting out with electronic cigarettes we recommend the regular cartomizers (disposable cartomizers) as they are more convenient to use.


Compared to smoking, vaping is an excellent way to save money, but some vapers try to maximize their savings by refilling cartridges instead of using disposable ones. Although you have to manually refill the cartridges, the potential for cost savings is much greater. Many users are left unsure as to whether it’s actually worth the effort, given the ease of disposable cartomizers. This guide will help you make a decision.

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E-Liquid Benefits

The biggest and most obvious advantage is the cost-saving, thanks to getting more out of each atomizer. The specific figure can vary, but the difference will be substantial, as a 20 per day smoker will use two or three 30ml bottles per month, compared to a cartridge or more per day. It’s cheaper to work in larger amounts, but even the 10ml bottles represent a potential cost saving.

There are numerous additional positives to using e-liquid:

  • Eliminate waste – no more constantly disposing of cartridges.
  • Plenty of flavour options and nicotine strengths, as well as the potential to mix your own blends!
  • You can change from propylene glycol to an alternative ingredient like vegetable glycol if you’re allergic.
  • The liquid can be used across brands, increasing flavour options for the refillable brands.

Cartomizer Benefits

Although many more budget conscious and tech-savvy vapers opt for the refillable liquid, there is still something to be said for going disposable. The most obvious is the ease of use – the most difficult thing you have to do is screw the cartridge on and take it off again when it’s drained. This means no contact with liquid nicotine, no carefully dripping solution into cartridges and no atomizer replacement. It’s the perfect entry-level option because no real knowledge is required.

The cartomizer-style cartridges also have more room for liquid, which means you get more puffs out of each. They’re also the industry standard, so virtually all companies provide them, as opposed to the select few which offer e-liquid. The cost of electronic cigarettes is much lower than smoking anyway, so most users won’t prioritize any additional savings straight away.





The arm of the EU responsible for proposing legislation has proposed a vastly disproportionate approach to regulating electronic cigarettes. It’s so extreme that it isn’t going too far to suggest that, if enacted, it would constitute a ban of the vast majority of electronic cigarettes on the market. If you’re an EU vaper and you happen to vape delicious flavours, buy anything from other countries, use tanks or refillable cartridges or buy e-liquids of over 20 mg / ml of nicotine, you can kiss your electronic cigarettes goodbye. Needless to say, opposing this proposed legislation is essential for any concerned EU vapers.


What The Commission is Suggesting

There are a wide range of disturbing suggestions in the EU Commission’s proposed legislation, including:

  • A maximum e-liquid nicotine concentration of 20 mg / ml (despite the EU Parliament’s suggested 30 mg / ml limit).
  • No refillable cartridges or tanks will be allowed – single-use cartomizers only.
  • No more than 10 mg of nicotine in any single cartridge.
  • No flavours which aren’t already available in NRT (for example, Nicorette gum is available in a pathetic four flavours), “unless such a flavour is particularly attractive to young people and non-smokers.”
  • Demands that electronic cigarettes only “deliver nicotine doses consistently and uniformly.”
  • Only high-purity ingredients free from contaminants are to be used in e-liquid manufacture.
  • Bans any cross-border sales (so, no buying components from other countries online).
  • Bans advertising except in trade publications, or “any form of public or private contribution to any event, activity or individual with the aim or direct or indirect effect of promoting electronic cigarettes” so long as they involve or take place in several member states.
  • Requests that manufacturers and importers collect and provide a wide range of information, including annual sales volumes, information on the preferences of consumer groups such as non-smokers and young.
  • Manufacturers, importers or distributors would have to establish and maintain a system to collect information about all suspected adverse effects.



Your journey with electronic cigarettes will be much easier once you have found the best cartridge, flavour or e-liquid level for you. These things are important features of your electronic cigarette journey.

There are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you pick on the strength of electronic cigarette cartridge or e-liquid.

What kind of smoker are you?

Are you a heavy smoker or a light smoker? Do you even know the difference between the two? A heavy smoker will be one that smokes more than two and a half packets a day. If you’re an “above average” smoker, you are probably making your way through two packets. The “average” smoker will normally puff their way through one to two packets per day. You’re probably looking at around 20 cigarettes on a daily basis.

If you’re a “light” smoker, you are probably smoking just under a packet of cigarettes a day. A “very light smoker” – that’s less than half a packet daily. Finally, you’ve got the “ultra light “smokers that only really socially smoke; you’re looking at less than one packet of smokes per week.

Now you know what kind of smoker you are, choosing the right nicotine level in your e-liquid or cartridges will be a lot easier.

Now that you have figured out what kind of smoker you are, you can make an educated decision about what kind of nicotine strength you should get, assuming you’re ordering from a website.

Heavy smokers – Go for the maximum strength you can find on the website.

Above average smokers – Find the next strength down. That’s the one that you should be getting at. You’ll probably see a pattern emerging soon.

Average smokers – Check out the Full Strength.

Light smokers – You’ll want Light Strength

Very light smokers – 0.8%, otherwise known as Ultra Light Strength

Ultra light – You’re probably not even bothered about the nicotine so you may as well go for the nicotine-free stuff. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying it can be!










The following are the steps necessary to maintain your electronic cigarette so that you don’t end up with a device that breaks down prematurely. This way, you get the most out of your kit and making the most of the money that you have spent.

Step One
Unscrew the battery. This part cannot be submersed in water for obvious reasons. Use a dry cloth to wipe the connection and exterior of the battery, ensuring that the terminals are clean and free of oils and dirt. This prevents short-circuits and internal damage to the battery, prolonging its life.
Lithium batteries need care. Do not allow the battery to discharge completely as this will interfere with the power regulation of the battery. Ensuring that the battery is charged prolongs the life of your electronic cigarette.

Step Two.
Unscrew the black mouthpiece and pour any unused e-liquid into a safe container. Wash the mouthpiece in warm water, flushing out the internal parts. You can use a little cleaning alcohol to clean the tank, but ensure that this is all washed out before reassembling the device.

Step Three.
Allow the parts to dry out over-night in a warm and dry place. This will ensure that you can begin smoking straight away. Remember, trapped water may cause the electronic cigarette to malfunction.

Your electronic cigarette should now be working properly. Many problems, such as spluttering when you inhale, can be solved by fully cleaning your device. You must be aware that the e-liquid does need to be stored in a cool dry place when not in use for extended periods. Batteries can last anywhere between 2 months right up to a year, depending on how the battery is treated. Using the above maintenance guide will prolong the life of your batteries.



Though using an electronic cigarette is fairly simple, problems arise when new users aren’t shown how to use them properly. Electronic cigarettes are very delicate, so when using the device for the first time, ensure that you do not force any components. 95 percent of damages arise from over-tightened components, especially batteries being forced onto chargers.

The first step is to open your electronic cigarette kit and inspect the contents, as damages can occur during transit.  Make sure all the components are in the kit, including any extra things you may have ordered.

The second step is to unscrew the black mouthpiece, remove the child safety cap on your e-liquid and pour it at an angle into your glass tank. Pouring at an angle ensures the e-liquid flows around the outside of the glass tank and misses the top rubber section. There is a fill level marked on the side of the glass tank, so make sure you don’t overfill. Screw the black mouthpiece onto the tank to ensure the e-liquid is sealed; this is the only component that does need to be a little tight to seal in the liquid.

The third step is to charge your battery. Once this is done, and your tank is full of e-liquid, gently screw together your battery and tank. Always keep the two sections a little loose. DO NOT SCREW TIGHT, as this can cause extensive damage.

The next step is to unlock your device by rapidly pressing the button on your battery. The light will flash 3 times to indicate that it’s unlocked.

Finally, press the button while you inhale and depress when you have finished inhaling. The device will prevent you from overheating the electronic cigarette and will only stay on for 5 seconds when inhaling.

The battery will last around 3 days between charges. When ready to charge, gently screw onto your charger and either plug into the wall charger or into your USB socket on your PC. Do not over-screw the battery onto the charge. This will break the components. Just screw on until the battery flashes and glows. The charging process will take around 6-8 hours.



We all know e-liquid is a ratio of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavouring, and various levels of nicotine. On every bottle there is a warning label stating that it should be kept away from children and pets, and for good reason. E-Juice smells wonderful, with an assortment of different flavours.

Children and pets are very curious, often putting everything in their mouths. Electronic cigarette smokers need to exercise responsibility and keep the e-liquid on the top shelf, under lock and key away from pets and children.

It is also important for first-time electronic cigarette smokers to be careful with their own nicotine levels. As a light smoker, you should start with low levels of nicotine. Don’t allow the shop keeper or a seller to convince you to buy an e-liquid with a higher dose than you normally handle. Not only will you walk away with the bottles of E-Juice and a substantial amount missing from your wallet; you could easily find yourself suffering weeks of nicotine poisoning. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, and extreme bloating are just a few of the things one can suffer go through.

Start off small, maybe 6mg. If it’s not enough and you are craving more, buy another bottle with a higher nicotine concentration. Do not take in more than your body is used to. Absorbing more nicotine than you are used to could cause a lot of damage, and in extreme cases, death.


Nicotine can be absorbed into the body in many ways, not just by smoking. It can be ingested as well as absorbed through the skin. This is why e-liquid handlers always practice safety precautions such as wearing protective eye-wear and latex gloves. This keeps them from being poisoned. Being a first time user of electronic cigarettes requires you to be careful and mindful of you own health, not to mention those around you.



E- Liquids are best enjoyed when you find a nicotine level that satisfies your cravings and a flavour you enjoy. However, there are thousands of different flavours available, with different nicotine levels to choose from.

Nicotine liquid, also known as e-juice or e-liquid, can be flavoured to suit any taste or mood. The strength varies from 0 mg nicotine up to 54 mg. Heavy smokers of electronic cigarettes might enjoy stronger strengths while light smokers/social smokers may enjoy the lower strengths.

Nicotine Levels

E- Liquids come in varying nicotine concentrations to suit different needs. This is an important feature, because electronic cigarette users have the option of lowering their dose of nicotine gradually, unlike tobacco cigarettes. Many users choose a nicotine-free liquid just to satisfy their smoking habit. For many, getting to 0 mg nicotine is their goal and they can accomplish this at their own pace. The actual concentration levels will usually be found on the bottle in mg/ml.

The dosing levels are not standardized and different manufacturers have different levels. However, there are general guidelines that are typically followed.

  • Nicotine free = 0mg nicotine, just flavouring.
  • Low strength = 4-8mg of nicotine per millilitre.
  • Mid strength = 10-14mg nicotine per millilitre.
  • High strength = 16-18mg per millilitre.
  • Extra-high strength = 24-54mg per millilitre.


Nicotine Flavours

E-liquid flavours range from tobacco & cigar flavour, to sweet and sugary. Some are made to simulate actual cigarettes, and come in flavours like Benson & Hedges ICIGATM. Then there are flavours such as cherry, black currant, bubblegum and apple.

Try a flavour you think will satisfy your taste buds. Once you identify what kind of flavours you like best, you can start narrowing it down. Look for special offers such as variety packs or sampler packs that allow you to try several different flavours that come in smaller bottles. Don’t be afraid to mix some flavours together to make an entirely new flavour.