Though using an electronic cigarette is fairly simple, problems arise when new users aren’t shown how to use them properly. Electronic cigarettes are very delicate, so when using the device for the first time, ensure that you do not force any components. 95 percent of damages arise from over-tightened components, especially batteries being forced onto chargers.

The first step is to open your electronic cigarette kit and inspect the contents, as damages can occur during transit.  Make sure all the components are in the kit, including any extra things you may have ordered.

The second step is to unscrew the black mouthpiece, remove the child safety cap on your e-liquid and pour it at an angle into your glass tank. Pouring at an angle ensures the e-liquid flows around the outside of the glass tank and misses the top rubber section. There is a fill level marked on the side of the glass tank, so make sure you don’t overfill. Screw the black mouthpiece onto the tank to ensure the e-liquid is sealed; this is the only component that does need to be a little tight to seal in the liquid.

The third step is to charge your battery. Once this is done, and your tank is full of e-liquid, gently screw together your battery and tank. Always keep the two sections a little loose. DO NOT SCREW TIGHT, as this can cause extensive damage.

The next step is to unlock your device by rapidly pressing the button on your battery. The light will flash 3 times to indicate that it’s unlocked.

Finally, press the button while you inhale and depress when you have finished inhaling. The device will prevent you from overheating the electronic cigarette and will only stay on for 5 seconds when inhaling.

The battery will last around 3 days between charges. When ready to charge, gently screw onto your charger and either plug into the wall charger or into your USB socket on your PC. Do not over-screw the battery onto the charge. This will break the components. Just screw on until the battery flashes and glows. The charging process will take around 6-8 hours.


Why Should You Choose Electronic Cigarettes And Not Traditional Cigarettes?

There have been introduction of different versions of electronic cigarettes in the market. Of late, one can enjoy his or her smoking experience due to the introduction of electronic cigarettes in the market. The benefits that this has brought compared to their traditional counterparts are incredible.  One of these is the fact that they do not pose any risk of fore. Statistics have shown that many people who are killed, is as a result of house fires which is mostly caused by either electricity failure or cigarettes smoking. This has been reduced greatly by the introduction of electronic cigarettes. They don’t produce fire leave alone smoke.

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There are different full kits that one can buy in this respect, which contain all a smoker may need. One of these kits is the Premium evade Start Kit. This electronic cigarette kit provides you with a healthier alternative in smocking. At the same time, there is no harm to yourself or the people who surround you. In addition, this pack does not contain any tar, poisons, tobacco or even nicotine. As you use the product, you will observe that there is no production of carbon monoxide which is associated to environmental pollution including posing dangers to human life

One other thing that cannot be underestimated is that while using this product, there is no any smell that is produced. At the same time, there is also no smoke or flames or even burns that one will experience. This means that one can consume this product at any given places such as in hospitals, police stations or any other public places. It also imperative to note that the Premium evade Starter Kit is portable and therefore, one can carry it where he or she goes. In addition, when it comes to cleaning, this electronic cigarette is the easiest that you can have. Production of vapour is excellent and no leaking is experienced.