The electronic cigarette industry is rapidly growing and many smokers are choosing electronic cigarettes as a path to quit smoking. As electronic cigarettes sales boom, tobacco companies are quickly trying to recover their losses by launching their own vaping lines. Tobacco companies are not the only ones at risk for losing profits. Big Pharma is extremely invested in tobacco users with nicotine replacement therapies and smoking cessation drugs expected to be worth $4.6 billion per year by 2016. As electronic cigarettes cut into the potential profit margins, drug companies are actively lobbying to have the tobacco-free electronic cigarettes strictly regulated or banned.

The London Times was the first to report on a leaked memo from GlaxoSmithKline that revealed the drug company’s lobbying efforts. Glaxo offers multiple nicotine replacement products and they have a lot to lose if electronic cigarettes become the smoker’s choice for cessation. In the memo, Glaxo’s consumer healthcare division argued that electronic cigarettes should be regulated as medications instead of tobacco products. It went on to say that electronic cigarettes could act as a gateway, leading more people to start smoking.

As lawmakers debate how to set appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes, there is no room for Big Pharma to cloud objectivity with selfish motivation. These drug companies should be required to disclose their funding and other involvement in electronic cigarette research because their studies are likely to be biased. Unfortunately, the drug companies have allies around the world including insiders at the FDA.

Lobbying is a major problem and the only way that it will stop is if the whistle is blown every time it’s discovered. Big Pharma has a lot of money to invest in making sure lawmakers take their best interests into consideration. Now that we know with 100% certainty that Big Pharma is targeting electronic cigarettes, is there any hope for fair regulation?


Compared to smoking, vaping is an excellent way to save money, but some vapers try to maximize their savings by refilling cartridges instead of using disposable ones. Although you have to manually refill the cartridges, the potential for cost savings is much greater. Many users are left unsure as to whether it’s actually worth the effort, given the ease of disposable cartomizers. This guide will help you make a decision.

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E-Liquid Benefits

The biggest and most obvious advantage is the cost-saving, thanks to getting more out of each atomizer. The specific figure can vary, but the difference will be substantial, as a 20 per day smoker will use two or three 30ml bottles per month, compared to a cartridge or more per day. It’s cheaper to work in larger amounts, but even the 10ml bottles represent a potential cost saving.

There are numerous additional positives to using e-liquid:

  • Eliminate waste – no more constantly disposing of cartridges.
  • Plenty of flavour options and nicotine strengths, as well as the potential to mix your own blends!
  • You can change from propylene glycol to an alternative ingredient like vegetable glycol if you’re allergic.
  • The liquid can be used across brands, increasing flavour options for the refillable brands.

Cartomizer Benefits

Although many more budget conscious and tech-savvy vapers opt for the refillable liquid, there is still something to be said for going disposable. The most obvious is the ease of use – the most difficult thing you have to do is screw the cartridge on and take it off again when it’s drained. This means no contact with liquid nicotine, no carefully dripping solution into cartridges and no atomizer replacement. It’s the perfect entry-level option because no real knowledge is required.

The cartomizer-style cartridges also have more room for liquid, which means you get more puffs out of each. They’re also the industry standard, so virtually all companies provide them, as opposed to the select few which offer e-liquid. The cost of electronic cigarettes is much lower than smoking anyway, so most users won’t prioritize any additional savings straight away.






Your journey with electronic cigarettes will be much easier once you have found the best cartridge, flavour or e-liquid level for you. These things are important features of your electronic cigarette journey.

There are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you pick on the strength of electronic cigarette cartridge or e-liquid.

What kind of smoker are you?

Are you a heavy smoker or a light smoker? Do you even know the difference between the two? A heavy smoker will be one that smokes more than two and a half packets a day. If you’re an “above average” smoker, you are probably making your way through two packets. The “average” smoker will normally puff their way through one to two packets per day. You’re probably looking at around 20 cigarettes on a daily basis.

If you’re a “light” smoker, you are probably smoking just under a packet of cigarettes a day. A “very light smoker” – that’s less than half a packet daily. Finally, you’ve got the “ultra light “smokers that only really socially smoke; you’re looking at less than one packet of smokes per week.

Now you know what kind of smoker you are, choosing the right nicotine level in your e-liquid or cartridges will be a lot easier.

Now that you have figured out what kind of smoker you are, you can make an educated decision about what kind of nicotine strength you should get, assuming you’re ordering from a website.

Heavy smokers – Go for the maximum strength you can find on the website.

Above average smokers – Find the next strength down. That’s the one that you should be getting at. You’ll probably see a pattern emerging soon.

Average smokers – Check out the Full Strength.

Light smokers – You’ll want Light Strength

Very light smokers – 0.8%, otherwise known as Ultra Light Strength

Ultra light – You’re probably not even bothered about the nicotine so you may as well go for the nicotine-free stuff. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying it can be!









We all know e-liquid is a ratio of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavouring, and various levels of nicotine. On every bottle there is a warning label stating that it should be kept away from children and pets, and for good reason. E-Juice smells wonderful, with an assortment of different flavours.

Children and pets are very curious, often putting everything in their mouths. Electronic cigarette smokers need to exercise responsibility and keep the e-liquid on the top shelf, under lock and key away from pets and children.

It is also important for first-time electronic cigarette smokers to be careful with their own nicotine levels. As a light smoker, you should start with low levels of nicotine. Don’t allow the shop keeper or a seller to convince you to buy an e-liquid with a higher dose than you normally handle. Not only will you walk away with the bottles of E-Juice and a substantial amount missing from your wallet; you could easily find yourself suffering weeks of nicotine poisoning. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, and extreme bloating are just a few of the things one can suffer go through.

Start off small, maybe 6mg. If it’s not enough and you are craving more, buy another bottle with a higher nicotine concentration. Do not take in more than your body is used to. Absorbing more nicotine than you are used to could cause a lot of damage, and in extreme cases, death.


Nicotine can be absorbed into the body in many ways, not just by smoking. It can be ingested as well as absorbed through the skin. This is why e-liquid handlers always practice safety precautions such as wearing protective eye-wear and latex gloves. This keeps them from being poisoned. Being a first time user of electronic cigarettes requires you to be careful and mindful of you own health, not to mention those around you.


Why You Need to Choose Electronic Cigarettes


Many questions have been raised on whether electronic cigarettes are safe or not. If one has not experienced any of these products, as a smoker, then believing this cannot be simple. If one has been smoking the normal traditional cigarettes, and then he or she switches to electronic cigarettes, then he or she will be able to see a great difference. There have been much efforts which have made so that negative impacts brought about by cigarette smoking is curbed. Traditional cigarettes contain nicotine which is very addictive. That is the reason many people find it hard to stop smoking. Smokers don’t have to worry any more of complications brought about by smoking. Electronic cigarettes have been highly recommended by health practitioners to be environmental friendly and save for human consumption.

A good number of people have switched to electronic cigarettes, in order to take advantage of the health aspects associated to electronic cigarette smoking.  This has been the norm, not only in UK but all over the world. Electronic cigarettes are of the numerous benefits. Scientific research has shown that electronic cigarettes are far much better than other cigarettes available in the market. This has been sounded by doctors as well.

One of the benefits of these cheap electronic cigarettes is that they don’t have chemicals or carcinogenic ingredients as well as toxins. They are also smoke free. The electronic cigarettes are affordable. You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to buy one! If you are a smoker and wouldn’t risk experiencing lung or heart problems, then electronic cigarettes are great option for you. A lot of research has been   done, showing that smoking traditional cigarettes is highly associated to damages in our lungs. This is because smokers are continuously taking hot smoke with chemicals, tar and also carcinogens. These substances get into their lungs each time they take a puff, which increase their chances of contacting cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and other chronic diseases.

Electronic cigarettes provide a safer and healthier experience since smokers are only exposed to vaporised nicotine. This eliminates intake of carcinogen and other chemicals.

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are the Best Option


Smoking is such a great experience to any smoker. It brings a sigh of relief and contentment. However, there are risks which are associated with smoking. Most of these risks are mostly associated with diseases such as cancer and also cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays, these risks have been tremendously reduced by the introduction of electronic cigarettes which give smoker such a wonderful smoking experience while at the same time taking care of his or her health and other concerns. Electronic cigarettes are advantageous unlike traditional cigarettes because they don’t produce harmful substances. Traditional cigarettes have been described as hazardous and health experts never recommend them to anyone.  Another undesirable side effect of these cigarettes is the production of smoke or smell while smoking. This is not the case in electronic cigarettes, since there is no any production of such smoke or smell. This means that you can use electronic cigarettes anywhere you are.

In addition, there are many electronic cigarette starter kitswhich one can buy and enjoy this experience. A good example is the Silver Starter Kit with LCD. This kit has been designed in the UK. It comes in two colours which are black and silver. It is one of the Premium Quality Gift boxes that have all what you need while using electronic cigarettes. The battery capacity is high and therefore one can be served for long period of time depending on how frequent he or she is using it.

There are several benefits associated with electronic cigarette starter kitswhich include the fact that is portable and therefore one is sure to move with it anywhere without difficulty.  At the same, just like many others kits, your smoking experience is great as there is no production of smoke or smell. This means that you can be sure of using it wherever you are without making other people around you uncomfortable.

Why Should You Choose Electronic Cigarettes And Not Traditional Cigarettes?

There have been introduction of different versions of electronic cigarettes in the market. Of late, one can enjoy his or her smoking experience due to the introduction of electronic cigarettes in the market. The benefits that this has brought compared to their traditional counterparts are incredible.  One of these is the fact that they do not pose any risk of fore. Statistics have shown that many people who are killed, is as a result of house fires which is mostly caused by either electricity failure or cigarettes smoking. This has been reduced greatly by the introduction of electronic cigarettes. They don’t produce fire leave alone smoke.

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There are different full kits that one can buy in this respect, which contain all a smoker may need. One of these kits is the Premium evade Start Kit. This electronic cigarette kit provides you with a healthier alternative in smocking. At the same time, there is no harm to yourself or the people who surround you. In addition, this pack does not contain any tar, poisons, tobacco or even nicotine. As you use the product, you will observe that there is no production of carbon monoxide which is associated to environmental pollution including posing dangers to human life

One other thing that cannot be underestimated is that while using this product, there is no any smell that is produced. At the same time, there is also no smoke or flames or even burns that one will experience. This means that one can consume this product at any given places such as in hospitals, police stations or any other public places. It also imperative to note that the Premium evade Starter Kit is portable and therefore, one can carry it where he or she goes. In addition, when it comes to cleaning, this electronic cigarette is the easiest that you can have. Production of vapour is excellent and no leaking is experienced.