The invention of electronic cigarettes can be traced back to the year 1963, when a man named Herbert A. Gilbert invented a device he called “the cigarette without smoke and tobacco.” The concept behind it was very simple. All he did was to replace the tobacco with flavoured nicotine solution and moist air. The nicotine solution when heated produced steam, which gave the illusion of smoking.

Electronic cigarette news spread like wildfire. Many companies came to find out about it, and they sensed this would be a great product to invest in. Mr Gilbert was approached by numerous companies, all eager to manufacture the new product. However, due to some problems, it was never commercialized. Within some time it disappeared from the news and people forgot about it.

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The man behind modern electronic cigarettes is Stephane Vlachos. He was a student of computer science in Michigan in the United States. Throughout the world he is acclaimed for his invention and he indeed is the true inventor of the modern electronic cigarette. He took a heating chamber and heated up the mixture of nicotine vapours and glycol derivatives, using an electronic resistance.

With this he became the first person to design the electronic cigarette prototype. Foreseeing the benefits of electronic cigarettes, he made it for the sole purpose of helping people who wanted to quit smoking. He himself was a chain smoker and wanted to quit smoking. Thus, he used his product for personal use too.

He also invented an electronic pipe and electronic cigar. In 2002 in Geneva, there was an international exhibition showcasing various inventions of the world. The prototype of Stephane Vlachos was exposed to the world at this exhibition.

In April 2006, electronic cigarettes were introduced to Europe. They were subsequently introduced to the U.S between 2006 and 2007. These days, you can find a lot of companies are manufacturing electronic cigarettes with different looks and amazing functionality.

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