Why Electronic Cigarettes Are the Favourite


There are many benefits related to Electronic cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes. One of these is that the tar and toxins contained in tobacco smoke create a yellow film on the teeth of a smoker and leave yellow stains on their fingers. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, thus, user’s teeth do not become discoloured. Also among the benefits of electronic cigarettes is that unlike tobacco, they do not cause the bad breath which is associated with smoking.

In addition, unlike tobacco smoke, Electronic cigarette vapours do not leave a film of tar on car interiors and windows or even on surfaces in one’s homes that can be difficult to clean and create an unpleasant odour. Electronic cigarettes also do limit pollutants by releasing only water vapour and are the green, environmentally friendly alternative to smoking cigarettes.

At the same time, to some extent, most tobacco smokers have had hot ashes fall on clothing, which creates a scorched spot or burn hole. Cigarettes can fall out of ash trays and burn furniture and carpets. Electric cigarettes do not generate enough heat to burn fabric, hair, or skin; heat is generated only when the smoker is actively puffing on the device. Saving clothing and furniture from damage should be counted among the benefits of electronic cigarettes as well as a safety precaution, because most smokers know too well how expensive such damage can be.

Tobacco cigarettes must be lit with lighters or matches, In addition to burning at temperatures high enough to ignite surrounding substances. Thousands of fires are attributed to careless disposal of lit cigarette or inappropriate use of lighters or matches. This is eliminated by electronic cigarettes since because they don’t use combustion in their nicotine delivery system. At the same time Electronic cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries making them last long 

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